Feb. 24, 2021 Masks and the false witness

Masks conflict with the the witness of allegiance to Christ

Masks are based on lies and essentially break the 9th commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”. It’s about truth vs. lies! Masks on healthy people in this “covid” situation do NOT protect others from illness and they are NOT effective or necessary out in the general public, as the current mythology maintains. Masks in the current paradigm are religious superstition and a symbolic ritual of oppression, silence, obedience, compliance and submission.

The “bearing false witness” commandment of God is not just about telling rumors and fibs about friends and neighbors in order to ruin their reputation or sow discord. This is about LYING in general about anything to anyone. The commandment is about false testimony and false representation. We do not want to bear false witness by saying or acting like “this lie is true” or “yeah I know this is not true but I’m just going along with it” and encouraging others to also give assent to what we know in our hearts and minds are lies.

We are not “loving our neighbor” if we are doing this. The idea is false that we are loving our neighbor by doing things that we know are lies, just so we can “model” or “Symbolize” actions that the world thinks are true and loving. If the world thinks actions are loving and they are based on lies, we are under no obligation to show “love” based on what we know is evil or a lie! Masks are not loving others because lying is not loving others. The world will thus accuse us of being “unloving” if we do not mentally ascent and perform actions that are what they require for us to “prove that we are loving”. These accusations are based on lies and we need not take these to heart.

If the world’s definition of “love” is essentially to demonstrate mental and spiritual ascent to lies, we are under NO obligation to satisfy their definition of “love”. They redefine “love” and Christianity goes right along with them, obeying the world, and thus the god of this world. We are not being “loving” if we live a lie and communicate lies and show by our behavior that we are consenting to lies, pretending they are true. Pretending is lying, when the observer of your pretending thinks you are bearing witness to truth.

If the Holy Spirit and our conscience and the scriptures are telling us that certain actions are evil, immoral, falsehoods and spiritual infidelity, then we have no reason at all to be concerned about trying to obey the world’s demands. Their accusations are not from God, they are from deception and evil and the powers that work in the world. We must obey God rather than man.

God defines how we demonstrate love to neighbors and not the world. God decides whether ideas or beliefs or actions and behaviors are loving, righteous and of Him, not the world. God decides what constitutes actions that betray Christ or squashes out our proclamation of Him or our demonstration of allegiance to Him… not the world. We can choose to join lies or not. We have liberty in Christ to refuse to join the lies. This is where our conscience comes in.

Many Christians, myself included, sincerely believe that the mask is a sign of submission to tyranny, evil and lies. There are very strong physical and symbolic problems with masks, PCR testing, digital contact tracing and the upcoming “mandatory vaccinations”. (Plus for many including myself, we simply cannot breathe or have athsma and end up experiencing hyperventilation, hypercapnia and panic attacks.) I need my nose and mouth to breath and I need my face to show who I am and to communicate. As forced behaviors and procedures, these mask demands are affronts to God, our bodily integrity and the knowledge of our freedom in Christ.

To be asked to do these things is to be asked to betray Christ by showing signs of allegiance and loyalty to something other than Christ. This is not the same as being asked to wear shoes and a shirt. These mask demands are symbolic of satan’s dominion over people in “this world”. But we are not of this world and satan has no dominion over us. Therefore we do not demonstrate submission to satan’s realm, “this world”. Masks cause the inability to breathe, to show our faces, to smile and speak freely and be heard, and to be close enough to a person in public so as to perchance speak a word with them, and not just stare silently at their “eyes without a face”.

We must be Christ’s witnesses by not wearing a mask. We must bear true witness, not false witness. Think about what it means to “bear false witness.” How can we bear false witness while attempting to witness our allegiance to Christ? The Church System needs to stop teaching Romans 13 falsely and teach the sheep to be loyal unto death to Christ alone. And that sometimes that means we disobey the government if it demands something that is against God. It is more than ok for us to defy and disobey the deceptions, evil and lawlessness of the State. It is ok for us to disobey The State’s demand that we bear false witness. Christendom has long succeeded in getting Christians to believe that God and The State are “one”. They are NOT.

Christendom’s manmade teaching that, “To obey The State in ALL things is the highest Christian duty” is just as old and just as wrong as the insidious teaching that, “It is The Church that grants salvation.”

Christianity is totally going along with this whole lie— why? Because it loves the approval of men, because Churches loves the money that the government gives them if they are compliant good little 501c3 sheep who obey every order and mandate of the government to the point of mental subjection and spiritual discouragement. Many shepherds of Churchianity do not care for the actual spiritual welfare of the sheep they only want to impress the government and the community by accepting what the government and world suggest is the true religion— the worship of the State as god. Plus they don’t want to get in trouble with the State since the State offers financial incentives for compliance. Churches, pastors and sleepy church people are so afraid of being thought of as different and noncomformist they will do anything they are told and believe whatever they are told to believe, even if it is fake, occult based, lie based, spiritually discouraging and liberty destroying.

These wicked shepherds do not care if they contribute to the offending the little sheep of Christ, by stomping all over their conscience and convictions of what they know is right and true. They do not care if they participate in the humiliation of the sheep, the attempt at shaming of them and debasement of them. They essentially teach them to bow their hearts, minds and souls before the lying god of State. These leaders of Churchianity lead the congregations into demonstrating a false witness instead of defending them and protecting them as they are supposed to do.

The State is now demanding the masking of Christ’s called out ones. Masking is related to silencing which is related to marginalization (ie “cancel culture”) which is related to more draconian forms of eliminating “unaccepable” ideas, thought & speech. (Yes I’m referring to The State getting rid of “undesirable” people altogether.) We do not have to obey the State because the State is not god. The State would love it if everyone “masked up” upon orders to do so, thus showing they have the authority of god. To obey this demand and all the other “mandatory” orders coming in the near future is to basically declare allegiance to the State.

We declare and show our allegiance to Christ as Lord. This mask thing and the coming plethora of related mandates reminds us of the Roman Empire’s demand that the citizens of Rome declare that ‘Ceasar is lord’. The Roman Christians had a choice to obey or not. They were commanded to confess this statement as well as obey a demand to burn incense to Rome & Caesar. They refused! They knew that it was not a matter of “going along to get along”, or being accepted by society, or continuing to get government 501c3 money or avoiding the disdain of fellow Romans or avoiding jail. They knew this was about allegiance to Christ and love for Him. They also knew it was a death sentence to disobey, but that is another discussion.

If during Roman Empire we would not declare ‘Caesar is lord’, would we now obey if commanded, to declare that ‘The State is god’ via obediently masking our faces for the rest of our lives? We will not show allegiance to the state by accepting this symbol of silence, shame, slavery, humiliation and subjection to the State? To do so we would be giving a false report about ourselves, bearing false witness to the truth, to Christ and to our identity in Him.

Our job is not to follow the multitudes and the world in its rituals and lies. Our job is to show the world our witness for Christ, which happens to include our God-created face and our God-given voice and all of our actions. Our face represents, among many things, the fact that we are not ashamed. It also represents our intimate relationship with God and our worship of Him.

Many Churches and Christians are willing to obey the government no matter what and this is a tragedy. Our highest calling is not to obey the government, it is to be witnesses for Jesus and to obey the Spirit of Christ, thus pleasing our Father.

Formal Christianity in allegiance with the world, has made “science” and the State it’s god. But much science is fake and the State does evil. (And both are idols.) Christianity has also made a god out of government money and getting the approval and admiration of men at all costs. Christianity is fine with promoting lies and smoothing over deception as if it is no big deal. Churchianity thinks it is admirable to do whatever they are told and to obey wicked orders. But we have permission, via the authority of God, to refuse to obey those wicked orders.

These current events are all a massive spiritual war on truth. It is a war on language, words, ideas, thought, speech, communication, freedom and our very identity. Satan and the spiritual forces of darkness are coming hard against liberty in Christ, against truth, against speech and against basic human freedoms ie (“natural law”). These forces of darkness are demanding that we check our conscience at the door (and our thinking brains) and bow down to satan and worship him. But we shall not because we don’t want to bear false witness. We cannot, because of our allegiance to Christ and His kingdom and because of the Holy Spirit within.

In Proverbs 12:17 it says, He who speaks truth tells what is right, But a false witness, deceit.

In Proverbs 14:5 is says, A faithful witness will not lie, but a false witness speaks lies.

Here is a link to Psalm 27, a beautiful psalm of David in which he declares to God, his trust in Him.

Let us trust in the LORD, the God of our salvation! Let us please God rather than men. Let us obey His commandments. Let us not grieve the Holy Spirit. Let us worship God alone, obey Christ, and do the will of our Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ is the faithful witness (Rev.1:5) and He will give you power through the Holy Spirit to be His witness (Acts 1:8).

Dec.30, 2020 Salvation is in Christ

Salvation is in Christ, not the Church System

Understand your salvation is in Christ Jesus. It is not in the Church System. Jesus Christ is your mediator (your way to God), not The Church. Not the Superstar Leaders. HE is your way of salvation, not organized, man-led religious systems of Christianity. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father if not by Me.” and “I am the door, if anyone enters by Me, he shall be saved.”

The hard truth is, the Church System of Christianity is completely corrupted by pagan, new age, esoteric, occult infiltration. That means lots of lies, false teachings, spiritual abuse and pagan traditions. There is no cure, it can’t be fixed. It is a rotten, toxic place of confusion. Realize that you are the assembly,(“ekklesia”) that is, you are the called out people of God: you who are now in Christ’s flock, redeemed by Him.

It’s not about “going” to a physical place to meet with God. You meet with God within. In ancient times people went to the temple to worship God. Christ fulfilled all of that, and ended all of that. Now you are the temple. Christianity ironically continued that method of meeting with God, as a tradition. Constantine repurposed all of Rome’s pagan temples of worship to the Roman pantheon, as Church buildings. Now we have “stone temples” made by men on every street corner. Now “she” (Christianity) wants us to “come in to her.” Pagan Christianity always wants people to come “in” to her… but Christ calls people OUT of the pagan religions of the world, and gathers them unto Himself, as a Shepherd with His flock of sheep. In both the Old Testament and the New Testament, God says, “Come out of her, my people.” He’s calling His people out of Babylon.

But now He is where we worship; He is the place where we meet God. Now we are God’s temple because the Spirit of God dwells in us. So we communicate with Him and worship Him wherever we are and wherever we go. It is about “being” not “going” to a place. His life is now being lived through you, 24/7. He will lead you to gather in fellowship with other brothers and sisters in different places. You are not alone. You are part of His called out people, gathered and placed in His kingdom. You are part of the ONE flock that He has; the other sheep in His flock are all over the world.

You will find His people in various places and you will find that He has special work for everyone to do, to serve one another in love. In other words we all have different functions and special jobs to do. He gives His people spiritual gifts with which to serve. He guides everyone by His Spirit as to how He wants us to serve and help the others. Sometimes you will have fellowship (togetherness, communication, sharing life) with others. Sometimes you will feel lonely. But He Himself will always be with you and provide for your spiritual needs. He said to us, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”